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 Laurel And Dean
Jun 30 2018, 04:53 PM
Laurel and Dean met when Laurel was possessed by Ruby and even after Dean was sent to hell and Laurel had control of her body back and was back home, dreams of Dean haunted her every night even though she had no memory of who he was and what happened to him or how she knew him. Then one day four months later she encounters him in a bar when he and Sam are passing through and she finally finds out what happened to her during that time and why he reacted to seeing her so violently at first.

When he learns she's no longer possessed and that she's spent many sleepless nights dreaming of him they begin to keep in touch and whenever he gets a chance he returns to see her, those visits eventually leading to them falling in love with one another and Dean finds someone who accepts the life he leads and loves him anyway.

They eventually break up when Laurel attempts to keep him at arms length to keep Damien Dhark from finding out about him and because of that, it's a month or more after Damien Dhark kills her that Dean finally learns about her death from her younger sister Sara. Refusing to lose someone else he loves Dean begins secretly planning ways to get Laurel back but before he can put anything into action, Laurel shows up alive and in even more danger then before when Dhark learns she somehow came back to life.

Now Dean will do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves safe and get rid of Dhark for good, all while trying to help Laurel learn how to control her new metahuman ability and convince her that he isn't going anywhere, no matter how hard she tries to push him away.
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