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 Staff needed
Jul 1 2018, 05:08 PM
Kind of Staff Needed:

3 more Co-Admin. They will be responsible for helping me come up with event ideas as well as group storylines and subplots for characters and couples as well as sub plots for each show and group.

Someone who can make graphics for the site. (ex. Banners and sidebar graphics and so on

2 more Advertising mod (basically a couple people who are willing to go around and advertise the site to get more people to join)

2 Moderators to help moderate posts and make sure that the rules of the site are being followed.

Ideal Applicant:

Someone who has helped Co-Admin or mod a site before
Someone who will help me grow my site
People who at least have some knowledge of at least half the fandoms involved.
No drama starters OOC
No thieves stealing the work of others and claiming as their own
Active is a must

If interest please reply to this post and let me know.

I need to know whether or not:

You have any prior experience as a staff member on another RP board and if you have, how long you have been been a staff member on other boards.

What you're good at and if possible a sample of your work.
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